Blogging and Money: The New-Age Earning Way


Earning good money is not only a wish but a necessity these days in this present-day world. To fulfill all our wishes and demands, there are many opportunities that enable us to earn a lucrative income. Blogging has come up as a blessing to those who want to earn big. 

Blogging, as you must have known, is one of the east ways to make cash. In fact, it is a wish fulfilled when you make money out of your hobby. 

What is blogging?

Blogging is just making a web page on a topic by means of writing. It is, in general, a web journal, reaching out to people through digital marketing a product, or services, etc. In a blog, the written articles are arranged to market a product, give services, information, etc. Blogs are a great way to make money these days.

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Benefits of blogging?

Well, there is no doubt that most of the youth and elderly scroll through the internet many times. This is where blogging benefits the users in following so many different ways:

  • It informs you the best about products, a favorite place that wants to visit, hacks, etc.
  • It helps to express your passion
  • Share your knowledge
  • Build a brand 
  • Becoming a leader in your business

Above all, you can earn more and more by blogging. The concept, simply designed to connect a bridge between ‘paisa’ and ‘passion’ or “passion to paisa”.

How to earn money In blogging?

Finding a niche is more than necessary when it comes to blogging. In many ways, bloggers earn big but a common way is ‘Advertisement’. In other words, you need to place Ads on your website, the traffic or visitors click and you are paid.

You are paid for two types of Ads: one for CPC/ PPC Ads and two for CPM Ads. In CPC (Cost per click) or PPC (pay per click) Ads, you need to place Ads on your sidebar to get paid. Now in CPM Ads or “Cost per 1000 impressions” Ads, you are paid a fixed amount on the number of views to that particular Ads. 

One of the best ways to place Ads is from Google Ad-sense. In this type of program, you need not ask for Ads to share but there are many available ready-mades. You can leverage this platform to grow your blogging more.

Other Ways to Income:

Sell private Ads:

If one of your blogs is receiving good traffic, then working with advertising companies is no more an option. Advertisers will directly contact you to place their valuable Ads and pay you. The income can reach up to 3 figures in growing stages.

Add Affiliate Ads:

Suppose an advertiser has a product to sell, she/ he agrees to give commission when buyers come from your site. That’s it. You can earn money by just placing Ads on your blogs to reach maximum traffic.

Apart from the above ways, you can earn more than conventional jobs by selling membership, selling digital products, etc.

In order to start blogging, you can blog from various sites like blogger, WordPress, etc. and make money.

In this time of digital marketing, numerous opportunities are brewing to make money even beyond imagination. Growing trends of blogs and rising competitiveness among advertisers it is now or never time to earn money. 

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