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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Indeed, education is the fundamental right of every individual. It won’t be wrong to say that education must be given foremost preference along with all other needs, and all must strive to acquire it. That’s where the role of educational institutions, schools, and colleges comes into play. However, a home tutor is one of the best options to guide a student by providing deeper clarity in different concepts and technicalities with one-to-one discussions.

Why A Home Tutor?

The demand for home tutors for important subjects is the need of the hour. This growing demand hence can make home tutors earn in lakhs as a huge number of parents are willing to hire them. Parents prefer getting a home tutor instead of sending their kids to a crowded private institution.

If the numbers are taken into account, one in every four students opts for tuitions. Clearly, it depicts a picture of the degraded quality of education in schools and colleges.

The demand for private tutors or tuitions is booming as the quality of education is deteriorating day-by-day in colleges and schools. Parents prefer home tutors for their children as it seems to be the best accessible option for them. In addition, it also sets a ground where students can ask questions without any fear in their minds.

As far as the earning of home tutors is concerned, they charge depending upon the subject. Besides, the type of city also matters when it comes to charging the fees. The tutors from tier-1, tire-2, and tire-3 cities charge differently.

In tier-1 city, home tutors charge ranging from 1500 to 3000 per subject for five days a week. In other tier-2, tier-3 cities, it is more or less than home tutors charge in tier-1 cities. Importantly for mathematics, science, and English, the charges are more, while parents pay it without the blink of an eye to clear the concepts of their kids so that they can excel in it. 

As it is said; “the best of the things comes with best of the prices”. In general, a tutor can earn in huge numbers provided he or she teaches well to make the students understand all the concepts clearly. 

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What Makes Home Tutors Different? 

Private group tuitions are growing in vast numbers, but there are home tutors who would guide a student more comprehensively. Many students feel shy to ask a doubt in the huge crowd of the whole class, that’s when a home tutor comes handy. A home tutor can cohesively clear all their doubts as the discussion is one-to-one.

A home tutor can understand the weak and strong points of his/her students while giving them opportunities to work upon it. Hence, parents happily pay a whopping price to home tutors to help their children excel in the curriculum. And with that, home tutors can easily make money even in lakhs alongside buckling up to the responsibilities towards building bright careers of their students. 

As per data, almost 26% (7.1 crores) of students opt for tuitions, and a significant chunk of it comes for home tutors as well. All parents wish quality education for their kids, and if they can easily get it within the premises of their home, they hardly think about the money involved.

Thus, home tutors charging a considerable amount per hour can even sum up to a lakh or even more as their earnings per month.

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