Vlogs: The Future Money Making Machine

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Nothing can be a better platform than the internet to earn big, especially when it is evolving fast.  Who would forget the sensational star Vidya Iyer, who is eminently known as Vidya box on YouTube? Even likes of Sandeep Maheshwari, Gaur Gopal Das, and many more who have been making money through Vlogs and becoming hugely famous as well.

There are many such people in India and other countries who make serious money through Vlogs.

Your video blogs or Vlogs earn handsome money by reaching out to more audiences according to their interests. In due course of time with the increase in viewers, the earnings also increase.

What is a Vlog:

Blogging/Vlog simply means making creative content for an audience and upload on various sites like YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Generally, video bloggers update on a regular basis in order to keep updated to their fans or audience.

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V blogs are similar to blogging in terms of videography content but in terms of earning, the former offers hands than later.

Earning potential through Vlogs:

Since the introduction of the internet, the world has changed to content-driven sources. VBlogs have helped the cause of earning big in the recent past. One can seriously earn money up to 20 to 30 thousand in a month with good content and a good number of followers. Many famous celebrities earn a minimum of dollars 2 to 3 and even more through VBlogs.

Other ways that will earn you to make money are as follows:

Showcase Merchandise:

Having merchandise that represents your Vblog will help you to earn more money.  In Showcase Merchandise, viewers come to your channels to know or get informed. It is certain that they will use the products recommended by you. Using this method, you can get a commission and at the same time traffic.


Once you have created a Vblog, you can build a strong relationship with viewers. This relationship between your viewers and you can bring sponsorships with companies to sell or showcase their products. Though one important thing to note here is to abide by the 80/20 rule. 80% being educational content and other 20% promotional.

As far as earnings are concerned, it varies companies to companies.

How to make VBlogs:

To begin with, one must keep two P’s in mind; first, pick a niche and the other ping patiently. It is necessary to pick a niche in order to create good content for targeting viewership or in case other viewers too.

Being actively updating videos on online platforms helps to the cause. Keep an eye on what is trending on the internet so as to get likes and subscriptions.

Reaching to a wide range of viewership, getting subscriptions brings the advertiser’s eye, hence, ads on your videos. YouTube pays a major chunk of money when you get higher subscriptions and followers on your channel.

If you love to share fitness, food, lifestyle, or any other niche, making VBlogs can help you to reach a wider audience genuinely coming up.

What do you need to blog?

Good quality camera, tripod, microphone, editing software, etc.

If you ever dreamed of how actors shoot videos, films, etc., V blog is a similar platform to try out of your own.  Bonus, you can earn big following your passion and sharing others. So, try and get started with Vlogs!

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