Top 5 Apps to Earn Rewards in India

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Revolution of rewards is here, especially when it’s available within the reach of our palms. The digital world has bought plenty of opportunities such as apps to earn rewards or money apart from usual income. When money earning is hard and mobile application alias apps provide prospects to earn, it would be vain to let go. Contrary to the belief ‘ risk brings rewards ‘, these apps provide huge rewards in terms of coupons to earn a lot of money online with no risk. 

So, without hobbling around, let’s find out what are the top 5 apps to earn rewards in India.


Rozdhan is an Android app can easily be installed in any android smartphone. The amazing thing is the app pays you rewards for playing the game and lets you earn through referral codes.

Rozdhan provides games to play online, and one of the best apps to earn rewards with fun. This app even offers loans and access to news while offering a secure cash withdrawal. If you rank high in Rozdhan, it can let you to earn up to 40,000 cash rewards. yes, you read that right!

Top features:

  • Invite friends to get more rewards
  • You can read interesting topics 
  • Withdrawal of rewards through Paytm

Google Opinion Rewards: 

This editor’s choice app helps to earn pay credit rewards. The app, created by Google survey team, helps you to earn rewards so as to use in Google play funds.

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Top Features:

  • Interesting surveys to take part 
  • Play a role in the survey of google teams in various aspects
  • Rewards mount up every week of surveys
  • Answer questions on the survey that will help as data

Pocket Money: 

What if you can get a recharge of rupees 500 for free? Yes, you can earn Super rewards for using this app. It is a task-oriented app rewarding you when you complete a task. Unarguably, it is an easy way to earn.

Top Features:

  • Earn 7000 daily, refer and earn 160 rupees.
  • Consume data opening an app, get set play, Paytm transfers.
  • Watch pocket money videos, live streaming. 
  • One place, all deals and coupons

Earn even if you spend or book train tickets, bus, and movie tickets.


You can experience a whole different way with this new app that offers, recharge, bookings, chat, and many more under one umbrella.

Top Features:

  • Refer your friends and earn
  • Cashback rewards from shopping
  • Shopping crowd that helps to buy on discount as well as avail rewards.
  • Get social, chat with friends 
  • Cubber partners that offer a variety of categories to shop and win rewards.


No way you can stack your rewards than the way Paytm offers and everything in one facility. Recharge to referral, rewards are plenty through cashback or coupons.

Top features:

  • Every Time rewards with transactions
  • Hotel coupons, bus coupons and many more.
  • Payment secure without any trouble
  • Customer support 
  • Promo codes to discount
  • Shop and earn rewards
  • Open account there and then to save
  • Editor’s choice to trust and earn more rewards.

Money is essentially needed by all and there are apps to earn rewards for your needs. So, why not use them? Rewards without any risk are hard to find even in dreams. Apart from the above-mentioned apps, there are many others offering cashbacks like PhonePay, Google pay, and so on. Thus, install the apps and start collecting rewards!

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